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Getting on track with nutrition has been your goal for a while. It's either all in or all out, right? We hear you. We know it's hard to make changes to your nutrition habits. Being creatures of habit, it's very easy to slip into a pattern of going to the shops and buying the same foods each week. But, what if we made it fun and inspiring to make small, doable changes that you will want to keep doing. What if we replace some of your food choices with more nutrient-dense options that not only taste great, but will fuel your body for longer, giving you more energy.

We've created a program

  • Goals

    After completing a comprehensive assessment form, you'll get a personalised eating guide based on your needs and goals.

  • How

    You'll learn the 'how to' in planning and preparing your meals to meet your nutritional and energy needs. It's not a meal plan, it's learning the skills in creating a customised healthy-eating menu in a matter of minutes.

  • Support

    Packed full of resources, webinars and support to prioritise what's important for vibrant health. Includes nutrition, habits, stress, gut health, sleep and movement. By the conclusion of the program, you'll have acquired the skills that are key to long-term change.

Next program commencing:

Monday 5th September 2022

  • A personalised eating guide for your body, activity levels, eating preferences, and goals

  • The "how to" in following your guide and creating a customised healthy-eating menu in a matter of minutes

  • Continual motivation and inspiration over 6 weeks (6 x LIVE webinars)

  • Accountability activities

  • An analysis of your fibre intake with personalised feedback into what gut bugs you are nourishing and which ones you aren't!

  • Ongoing support in a private Facebook group (optional)

You'll become...

Confident in knowing that you are meeting your nutrient requirements and less prone to nutrition overwhelm and guilt. Our ultimate goal is to see you become more consistent with your eating patterns. The hardest part, right? Sometimes we eat really well for a couple of weeks and then slip into our old habits. The WHAT TO eat program provides you with the actions to take that will keep you going. When we start with an action, the tiniest of actions, it builds momentum and in turn, motivation follows.


“The program was amazing, and I can't thank you enough! So many things were great about the program. I haven't been sick for 6 weeks. I’ve lost 5.1 kg! My work colleague now has the same smoothie every day for breakfast and she loves it. Friends have even commented on my skin looking so good which is a big contributing factor of eating well.”


“110% I would recommend this to anyone looking to change their eating habits or lifestyle. The program is extremely supportive and inclusive of everyone. I felt like the program really helped me change my mindset from being on a restrictive diet to living a healthy lifestyle filled with energy and nutrients. I really valued the immense amount of resources, recordings and challenges involved in this program.”


Course curriculum

  1. Week 1: Assessment & Goals

  2. Week 2: Energy Requirements - Intro to Hand Measurements

  3. Week 3: From Goals to Actions

  4. Week 4: Diversity & Movement

  5. Week 5: Sleep and Gut Health

  6. Week 6: Mindset & Supplements


  • $197.00

Doors close 1st September

The program has been designed to teach you the skills to follow your eating guide. It's not a strict meal plan, we're not going to tell you exactly what to eat and you won't have to cut anything out. It's all about letting go of the diet culture, listening to your body and enjoying more of the foods that make us thrive. This will suit anyone that would like to improve their eating pattens and be supported in a fun, interactive space.

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Teresa & Kelli

Nutritionist (BMSc), PN Level 1 Nutrition Certified Coach

With Teresa's nutrition & health coach skills and Kelli's kitchen wizardry, we've put our heads together to create the ultimate support to make those nutrition changes that are going to be HUGE for you!

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